VFC Price
Currency Send VFC Received
USDC 1 100
XLM 1 10
1 VFC = ~$0.01
Last Updated: 2022-09-30 03:59:06
Next Update: 2022-10-01 ~03:59:06
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VFC on Ethereum
Assets can be swapped at 1:1
Contract Address: 0x4746fc864998755810e016abb22550469ae1c089 Add To MetaMask (goerli network... for now)


What Is VFC?

VFC is a multichain cryptocurrency, allowing for the use of ledgered spending with family and friends. Anyone is welcome to trade, and interact, although monitary value is not it's main drive.

What Is VFC Used For?

VFC is used for anything family and friends might find it useful for. Examples might be if repretive work is needed, we can simply pay one another in VFC, and trade it in for cash when need be. It can also be traded for SST and spend on VFStore

How Can I Get VFC?

See a list of available wallets from here

Each account must have a minimum balance of 1 XLM. Fear not, at the time of writing that's about 10 cents. The easiest way to buy new XLM would be to use a credit card.

Stellar differs from other blockchains. To recieve, send, or trade and asset you must first prove that you trust the issuer. This is a one time transaction (unless you chose to un-trust later). Once trusted you can interact with said asset.

You're ready for VFC! Simply click the trade button at the top of the page, and get trading!

VFC Stellar Info

Total Created: 5000000/5000000

Distributed by: GARRAIS...L3ZX3U
Claimable Balances:0
Liquidty Available:0


NFTs are available on LiteMint


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